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By becoming a valued member of the RareGuru Community, you agree to respect and follow the guidelines outlined below.

Connect, share and support

RareGuru is a place where patients, caregivers, parents, and teens living with a rare disease, disorder, or syndrome can connect and support one other. As experts or gurus of their diagnosis, RareGuru users ask questions, share information, and celebrate wellness together. Please share your knowledge and experiences without trying to give medical advice. Complete your symptom tracker and keep your profile up-to-date with your current conditions, treatments, doctors, and medications, to track your health over time and share your experiences with others.

Diversity is celebrated

The RareGuru Community is diverse, and every human aged 13 and older are welcome to join. RareGuru will not tolerate discrimination, racism, or hate speech toward any individual or group of individuals. Every user, regardless of your race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, citizenship, religious beliefs, diagnosis, or disabilities is an equally valued member of this community.

When posting, messaging, or interacting on the RareGuru App:

RareGuru users can’t replace your medical team

RareGuru users understandably have strong medical opinions on their diagnosis and treatment. However, we caution users to contact their healthcare providers before implementing medical advice given by other users. Information shared between users is not endorsed or approved by RareGuru.

Lifetime ban for shady characters

RareGuru team members have the ability to review all user-generated content within the App if needed to identify and confirm inappropriate activity. RareGuru will remove content and users from the App at our discretion. RareGuru may impose a lifetime ban on users removed from the RareGuru App for repeatedly violating our community guidelines. For more information on how RareGuru keeps you and your personal information safe, please read our Privacy Policy and User Agreement.

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