Portal hypertension

What is the incidence and prevalence of portal hypertension?

The total incidence and prevalence of portal hypertension is not known. It has been reported, however, that in the United States 2000 per 100,000 people have liver cirrhosis and that more than 90% of individuals with cirrhosis develop portal hypertension.

Last updated on 05-01-20

Name: American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases 1001 North Fairfax, 4th floor
Alexandria, VA, 22314, United States
Phone: 703–299–9766 Fax : 703–299–9622 Email: aasld@aasld.org Url: http://www.aasld.org/
Name: American Liver Foundation 39 Broadway, Suite 2700
New York, NY, 10006, United States
Phone: +1-212-668-1000 Toll Free: +1-800-465-4837 (Helpline) Email: https://liverfoundation.org/for-patients/contact-us/ Url: https://liverfoundation.org/

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