Is astroblastoma a brain cancer?

Whether a particular astroblastoma is technically non-cancerous or cancerous (malignant) depends on the histological findings (examination of the affected tissue under a microscopic) in each tumor. Malignant astroblastomas are generally characterized by higher cellularity (the number of its constituent cells) and proliferation; necrosis (death of cells or tissues); and vascular proliferation (growth of blood vessels within the tumor).

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What is astroblastoma?

Astroblastoma is a rare glial tumor usually located in the cerebral hemisphere of the brain. It can occur in individuals of any age, but occurs predominantly in children and young adults. Signs and symptoms depend on the location and size of the tumor but most commonly include headaches and seizures. Because these tumors are rare, there is little known regarding their behavior and how they should be managed. Gross total resection (complete removal) of the tumor is recommended and is associated with a good prognosis for low- grade tumors. Adjuvant therapy, including radiation and/or chemotherapy, is recommended for high- grade and recurrent cases (although its effectiveness is controversial).

Last updated on 05-01-20

Selected Full-Text Journal Articles

Astroblastoma-full text articles

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Name: American Brain Tumor Association 8550 W. Bryn Mawr Ave, Ste 550
Chicago, IL, 60631, United States
Phone: +1-773-577-8750 Toll Free: 1-800-886-2282 Fax : +1-773-577-8738 Email: Url:
Name: National Brain Tumor Society 55 Chapel St., Suite 200
Newton, MA, 02458, United States
Phone: +1-617-924-9997 Fax : +1-617-924 -9998 Email: Url:
Name: Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation 302 Ridgefield Court
Asheville, NC, 28806 , United States
Phone: +1-828-665-6891 Toll Free: 800-253-6530 Fax : +1-828-665-6894 Email: Url:
Name: Children's Brain Tumor Foundation 274 Madison Avenue, Suite 1004
New York, NY, 10016 , United States
Toll Free: 1-866-228-4673 Email: Url:
Name: International Brain Tumour Alliance 10 Carrodus Street, Fraser, ACT, 2615
Email: Url:

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