Pontocerebellar hypoplasia

What causes pontocerebellar hypoplasia?

The different forms of pontocerebellar hypoplasia (PCH) are generally caused by mutations in several different genes. These genes appear to play important roles in the development and survival of nerve cells. However, it is unclear how mutations in these genes disrupt the normal development of the cerebellum and pons. Research thus far has found that:

  • PCH1A can be caused by mutations in the VRK1 gene
  • PCH1B is caused my mutations in the EXOSC3 gene
  • PCH2 is caused by mutations in the TSEN54, TSEN2, TSEN34, and SEPSECS genes
  • PCH4 is caused by mutations in the TSEN54 gene
  • PCH6 is caused by mutations in the RARS2 gene
  • PCH8 is caused by mutations in the CHMP1A gene

Specific genes that cause PCH3, PCH5 and PCH7 have not yet been identified.

Although experts agree that PCH has a genetic cause, other causes (such as infectious or toxic) have been reported or suspected in some cases.

Last updated on 05-01-20

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