Phyllodes tumor of the breast

What is the long-term outlook for individuals with phyllodes tumor of the breast?

Phyllodes tumors that are benign have an excellent prognosis following surgery. However, local recurrence is possible. If the tumor recurs locally, further surgery, including local excision or partial or total mastectomy typically results in a good outcome. The SArcoma and PHYllode Restrospective (SAPHYR) Study reported a three year survival rate for benign and borderline phyllodes tumors of 100 percent. Other studies have reported similar findings. Malignant tumors have a higher chance of coming back. If the tumor metasticizes, common locations include the lung, mediastinum, and skeleton. The five year survival rate for malignant phyllodes tumors has been reported to be 60 to 80 percent.

Last updated on 05-01-20

How might phyllodes tumors of the breast be treated?

Surgery is the main treatment for phyllodes tumors of the breast. This is the case regardless of whether they are benign or malignant. Because these tumors can come back if enough normal tissue is not removed, surgery should involve removing the tumor and at least 1 cm of the surrounding tissue. Some doctors feel that an even wider margin of healthy tissue should be removed (wide excision). Malignant phyllodes tumors may be treated more aggressively, with removal of wider margins of tissue or removal of part or all of the breast (partial or total mastectomy). Because spread to the underarm lymph nodes is rare, it is usually not necessary to remove them.

Phyllodes tumors of the breast do not respond to hormone therapy. Radiation and chemotherapy are not typically used as there is little evidence that these methods are effective for phyllodes tumors.

Because phyllodes tumors can come back, close follow-up with frequent breast examinations and imaging are recommended following surgery. This may include self and clinical breast exams, mammograms, ultrasound of the breast, MRI of the breast, and/or CT scans of the chest and abdomen (especially in malignant or metastatic cases).

Last updated on 05-01-20

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