Phacomatosis pigmentovascularis

How might phacomatosis pigmentovascularis be treated?

If phacomatosis pigmentovascularis (PPV) is not associated with systemic complications (e.g., Sturge-Weber syndrome, Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome, neurological problems, or eye conditions) it typically does not require treatment. However, because large skin lesions may cause problems with body image and self-esteem, parents of children with PPV, or adults with PPV, may consider laser treatments to improve the appearance of skin lesions. Congenital lesions may grow in proportion with the body, so treatment as early as possible in children with PPV may be recommended to reduce the number of treatments needed and avoid self-esteem problems in future years. Medical treatment for systemic complications depends on the signs and symptoms present in each person and may require an individualized treatment plan involving a team of specialists in ophthalmology, neurology, and/or vascular surgery.

Last updated on 05-01-20

Name: Glaucoma Research Foundation 251 Post Street, Suite 600
San Francisco, CA, 94108, United States
Phone: 415-986-3162 Toll Free: 800-826-6693 Fax : 415-986-3763 Email: Url:
Name: Children's Glaucoma Foundation 2 Longfellow Place Suite 201
Boston, MA, 02114, United States
Phone: 617-227-3011 Url:
Name: Nevus Outreach, Inc. 600 SE Delaware Ave., Suite 200
Bartlesville, OK, 74003, United States
Phone: +1-918-331-0595 Email: Url:
Name: National Organization of Vascular Anomalies PO Box 38216
Greensboro, NC, 27438-8216, United States
Email: Url:
Name: Vascular Birthmarks Foundation VBF PO Box 106 Latham
NY, 12110,
Phone: (877) VBF-4646 Email: Url:

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