Orbital varix

How might orbital varix be treated?

Most people with orbital varices experience little too few symptoms and require no treatment. Occasionally progressive eye pain, eye bulging, compression of the optic nerve, vision loss and/or disfigurement develops and prompts treatment.

There are no well established guidelines for treatment. Treatment is individually tailored to the patient. People seeking treatment for obital varices benefit from a consultation with a team of doctors, such as an opthalmologist, neurosurgeon, and/or neurointerventional radiologist. Treatment with electrothrombosis (the use of an electrical current to block blood flow to the varix), stereotactic gamma knife radiosurgery, sclerotherapy, surgical resection, and embolization (blocking of blood flow through the varix) with cyanoacrylate glue followed by excision have been described in the medical literature.

Last updated on 05-01-20

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