Amyloidosis AA

What are the most current treatments for this disease?

In **** amyloidosis AA, the treatment depends on the underlying disease. It is important to control the chronic infection or inflammatory disease which is responsible for the amyloid. Both surgery and medication can be used to achieve successful treatment outcomes for patients.

Medscape Reference provides current and comprehensive information on medical treatment options for amyloidosis AA based on the underlying inflammatory disease or infection. Please visit the link below. You may need to register to view the article, but registration is free.

Kidney transplant is an important option in patients with amyloidosis AA in which stable control of the underlying disease has been achieved. However, appropriate patient selection is strongly recommended due to a higher incidence of heart failure and infections in AA individuals.

Currently there is a clinical study on the safety and effectiveness of the medication KIACTA in preventing decline of renal function in patients with amyloidosis AA. CLICK HERE to learn more about this study including the six study locations within the United States.

Last updated on 05-01-20

Name: Amyloidosis Foundation 7151 N. Main Street Suite 2
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Name: Amyloidosis Support Groups Inc. 232 Orchard Drive
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Name: Amyloidosis Australia, Inc. 131-133 Napier Street St. Arnaud,
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Name: FMF & AID Global Association Schüracherstrasse 25a 8306 Brüttisellen
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