Ledderhose disease

How might Ledderhose disease be treated?

Treatment options may include conservative management, radiation therapy, steroid injections and surgery. Conservative management may include using soft inserts in shoes. It may help to cut holes in the inserts or inner soles to reduce pressure on the nodules. Radiation therapy may help to stop disease progression in early stages, when nodules are very small. It may also help to shrink the size of larger nodules to relieve pain. Corticosteroid injections may be beneficial in the early stages of the disease, when there is no pain or minimal pain. If or when steroids do not help, surgery may be needed. Surgical options include fasciectomy and excision (removal) of the fibrous tissue. Fasciectomy has been shown to reduce the rate of recurrences. However, recurrence following surgery remains common.

The International Dupuytren Society provides further information on treatment options for Ledderhose disease.

Last updated on 05-01-20

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