Alexander-Bloch AF, McDougle CJ, Ullman Z & Sweetser DA. IQSEC2 and X-linked syndromal intellectual disability Psychiatr Genet. June 2016; 26(3). 101-108. Reference Link Gandomi SK, Farwell Gonzalez KD, Parra M et al. Diagnostic exome sequencing identifies two novel IQSEC2 mutations associated with X-linked intellectual disability with seizures: implications for genetic counseling and clinical diagnosis J Genet Couns. June 2014; 23(3). 289-298. Reference Link Zerem A, Haginoya K, Lev, D. et al. The molecular and phenotypic spectrum of IQSEC2-related epilepsy Epilepsia. 2016; 57. 1858-1869. Reference Link

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