Intellectual disability-severe speech delay-mild dysmorphism syndrome

Le Fevre AK & cols. FOXP1 mutations cause intellectual disability and a recognizable phenotype Am J Med Genet A. December, 2013; 161A(12). 3166-75. Reference Link Lozano R, Vino A, Lozano C, Fisher SE & Deriziotis P. A de novo FOXP1 variant in a patient with autism, intellectual disability and severe speech and language impairment Eur J Hum Genet. April 8, 2015; Reference Link Song H, Makino Y, Noguchi E & Arinami T. A case report of de novo missense FOXP1 mutation in a non-Caucasian patient with global developmental delay and severe speech impairment Clinical Case Reports. August 23, 2014; 3(2). 110–113. Reference Link

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