Giant congenital nevus

How might giant congenital nevus be treated?

Treatment for giant congenital nevus depends on the age of the affected individual as well as the size, location, and thickness of the nevus. Surgery may be done to remove the nevus, particularly when there is a concern that it may develop into a melanoma. When small nevi are removed, the surrounding skin can often be pulled together with stitches. Larger nevi may need to be removed in several stages and full-thickness skin grafts may be needed to help the skin heal following surgery.

When surgery is not possible, other treatment may include procedures such as curettage, dermabrasion, and ablative laser therapy which may be used for superficial skin imperfections, including reducing pigment and hair, but cannot completely remove the nevus.

Affected individuals should self-monitor and continue to have regular skin examinations to check for benign or malignant tumors. Early awareness will allow their physicians to adjust treatment protocols accordingly. Children are most likely to show neurological signs before primary school and can respond well to a range of symptomatic therapies.

Last updated on 05-01-20

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