Diffuse panbronchiolitis

How might diffuse panbronchiolitis be treated?

The main treatment that has been recommended for diffuse panbronchiolitis (DPB) is the use of macrolide antibiotics. Erythromycin is typically the first drug of choice. A different macrolide antibiotic may be used if erythromycin is not well-tolerated or if a person doesn't improve after several weeks of therapy.

The best duration of macrolide therapy is not known, but most patients are treated for a minimum of six months. Therapy is continued until symptoms, imaging findings, and lung function measurements are improved or stable. In the majority of patients, therapy is stopped after two years. However, in patients with advanced disease, therapy is continued indefinitely.

Other therapies, such as bronchodilator medications and bronchial hygiene (airway clearance techniques), may be useful for some people.

Last updated on 05-01-20

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