Childhood hypophosphatasia

Name: The MAGIC Foundation 4200 Cantera Dr. #106
Warrenville, IL, 60555, United States
Phone: 630-836-8200 Toll Free: 800-362-4423 Fax : 630-836-8181 Email: Url:
Name: Metabolic Support UK 5 Hilliards Court Sandpiper Way
Chester Business Park
Chester, CH4 9QP, United Kingdom
Phone: 0845 241 2173 Toll Free: 0800 652 3181 Email: Url:
Name: Soft Bones Inc. 121 Hawkins Place #267
Boonton, NJ, 07005,
Phone: +1 (201) 317-1818 Toll Free: (866) 827-9937 Email: Url:
Name: Soft Bones Canada PO Box 23520 Prairie Mall Grande Prairie, AB
T8V 7G7
Phone: 1-844-255-8477 Email: Url:
Name: The Avalon Foundation Ottawa Hills, OH, 43606, Phone: 1(419)841-2059 Email: Url: The Avalon Foundation provides emotional and educational support to families receiving care for hypophosphatasia.

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Drug Name Generic Name
Strensiq Asfotase alfa

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