Cerebral sclerosis similar to Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease

Name: United Leukodystrophy Foundation (ULF) 224 North Second Street Suite 2
DeKalb, IL, 60115 , United States
Phone: 815-748-3211 Toll Free: 800-728-5483 Fax : 815-748-0844 Email: office@ulf.org Url: http://www.ulf.org/
Name: Leukodystrophy Australia PO Box 2550 Mount Waverly
Victoria, 3149, Australia
Phone: 1800 141 400 Email: info@leuko.org.au Url: http://www.leuko.org.au/
Name: The Myelin Project P.O. Box 39
Pacific Palisades, CA, 90272, United States
Phone: 800-869-3546; 806 356 4693 Fax : 806 356 4694 Email: info@myelin.org Url: http://www.myelin.org
Name: Association Européenne contre les Leucodystrophies (ELA) European Leukodystrophy Association 2, rue Mi-les-Vignes
BP 61024
54521 Laxou Cedex, France
Phone: 333 83 30 93 34 Fax : 333 83 30 00 68 Email: ela@ela-asso.com Url: http://www.ela-asso.com

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